Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Gary headed over to visit LBR this morning and possibly get a ride in. LBR had not rolled - woo hoo.

They headed out of the muddy paddock and down to the stables for grooming. Gary rinsed his feet in the wash stall (we love having heated water at the stables). It's hard to believe this is a horse that wouldn't go into a wash stall a few months back. He seems to enjoy having clean hoofs and legs now.

They groomed and tacked up and the RAIN started. Gary took the tack off and LBR got to learn to stand cross tied for a long while (Gary used an aid of a rope tied as a "gate"). LBR stayed firmly planted on the rubber mat.

Eventually, the rain stopped (after almost an hour) and they headed down to LBR's paddock. Just as they got there, another downpour came. Gary quickly gave LBR some carrots and cookies and then told him to get into his shelter. LBR obeyed and trotted through the mud to the high ground of his shelter.

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