Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010

We had our best ride ever (okay, we've forgotten the first ride, the first trot, the other first rides)....this one was special for Cindy.

Gary led LBR back from the paddock to the grooming stalls and we groomed and tacked up.

After yesterday's lunging/lesson, we decided to lunge and LBR was very well behaved. Gary rode LBR at the walk/trot for a while in the sand arena and then Cindy rode.

Cindy felt LBR wasn't listening at the posting trot so well and did some work at the sitting trot. LBR ignored two (2) other horses in the arena and settled nicely.

Cindy attempted the canter but LBR took the wrong lead so she brought him back down. Rather than ending on a bad note, Cindy regrouped and when the other horses were clear asked for the canter again. LBR was PERFECT....correct lead, listening and they did a circle at the canter.

Afterwards, they trotted a bit and then went for a short trail ride around the paddocks.

Confidence is back...what a wonderful day!!!


  1. I stumbled across your blog from an Old Friends post on Shadow Caster. I think what you're doing with LBR is wonderful. I look forward to reading more. Best of luck.
    MRO (Ohio)

  2. Thanks MRO.

    We're having a blast with the LBR.