Monday, February 22, 2010

February 21, 2010

We headed to the stables an hour before our group lesson in order to lunge LBR. Gary led him from his paddock to the grooming stall. LBR had rolled in what is left of the mud so it took some time to groom him and get him tacked up.

Gary lunged LBR and despite a lot of commotion going on at the stables and a weather front that had come through he seemed fairly relaxed. Cindy rode him a bit at the walk in the grass arena and continued in the mellow mode.

As she rode him into the sand arena for the lesson, he started to get hyped up and that continued for the lesson. He was particularly bothered by the large number of horses in the arena during the flat work portion of the lesson and even broke into a canter when he was supposed to be trotting.

He leaned on the bit a lot and was a pain in the turns - bowing out on almost every one. The instructor had Cindy ride him in small circles until he finally flexed properly.

His attitude improved during his individual pattern work. By the end of the lesson, LBR & Cindy were both drenched in sweat...LBR's winter coat gets curly when it's drenched. After the lesson, Cindy groomed LBR and then Gary rinsed off his saddle area.

We ended the day with some grazing and treats in the paddock. Cindy jokingly told LBR that if he misbehaves in lessons, the weather will turn cold again. It was 78F degrees today but the weather forecasters are calling for 4" of snow on Tuesday:-(

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