Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 15, 2010

Gary headed over to the stables in the afternoon.

LBR did not come to the gate and Gary had to meet him on "high ground" and lead him out.

They groomed (LBR had rolled in the mud) and tacked up for a ride. LBR was quite spirited due to the chilly weather so they started outside the grass arena. After about 15 minutes, LBR calmed down and they had a nice ride in the arena. They walked/trotted and worked over ground poles.

LBR trots nicely over single poles, but when two(2) are together, he jumps them. He has nice jumping form, but it can be a bit of a surprise when you're posting the trot.

After the ride, Gary groomed LBR, let him graze for a bit and then gave him treats in his paddock. Fortunately, LBR ate all last nights chops & alfalfa as well as all of his breakfast.

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