Friday, February 19, 2010

February 17, 2010

Gary headed to the stables late in the morning. He brought LBR down from his paddock for grooming. LBR had rolled in the mud again, but luckily hadn’t found a spot that was too wet so currying only took 30 minutes.

Gary & LBR had a brief wait for the dirt arena to be maintained so they worked a little in the round pen.

LBR was very curious about the activities in the arena and got a little “hot”.

Once they headed to the arena, LBR was still a bit “excited” but after a few half-halts and reprimands, he settled nicely.

After riding, Gary did some drainage maintenance in LBR’s paddock (leveling the ground in his shelter, creating drain patterns in the mud, etc.). LBR stuck beside him the entire time. He would try and take the hoe out of Gary’s hand and would bring his Jolly-Ball over and shake it. LBR though he had a new paddock mate and was quite happy.

Gary ended the visit with some treats.

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