Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cindy had the best one in many years thanks to all the great men in her life (LBR, Gary, Sly the cat and Moses the cat).

It started off with a heart shaped omelet for breakfast and then we headed to the stables. The weather has finally cooperated though it's still very muddy.

Gary headed to the paddock to catch LBR while Cindy put his supplements ("Weight Builder") in the feed area.

LBR had done a fabulous job of rolling - coating both sides and his face too. After grooming, we tacked up. Although LBR hadn't been ridden much over the past two (2) weeks, he was so mellow that we skipped lunging in the muddy round pen and headed to the grass arena.

Cindy rode LBR first. Due to the rain, the rideable part of the arena was concentrated in the center. At first, LBR was really pulling on the bit, but after a few half-halts (at the walk), he became very supple. Cindy did several patterns over ground polls at the walk first and then at the trot. They worked up quite a sweat and as LBR became more relaxed with the traction, he started jumping the one set of double poles. She then walked him in some of the scary muddy areas and he was great.

Gary rode for a short while and ended his ride with a few laps on the outside of the arena. LBR was very well behaved and even met/greeted two(2) new horses being ridden without getting too hot.

After the ride, Cindy groomed LBR while Gary worked with a friends horse. Cindy led LBR back towards the paddock and let him graze for a while. When it was time to put him back in his muddy paddock, Cindy couldn't do it without stepping in the foot deep mud. As she had her half-chaps on, she returned to the stables to get Gary to assist.

LBR had not eaten all of his "chops" from the morning feed nor all of his alfalfa from the night before. His feed bucket location requires that he stand in the mud which he hates. We're going to have the caretakers check to see if he eats his feed tonight. If not, we're going to start feeding him in an alternate location until things dry out.

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