Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 18, 2010

Cindy & Gary headed over to the show for a while to cheer on the crew.

They swung by their favorite BBQ restaurant on the way over to the stables. If you're ever in Austin you need to visit "Donn's" BBQ on HW 969.

Gary & Cindy led LBR up to the stables from his paddock for some much needed grooming. LBR is shedding like crazy so there was a pile of muddy hair nearly 6" deep by the time they finished grooming.

They then let LBR graze in the common area before returning him to his paddock for treats (carrots & alfalfa cubes). Dinner was served before they left and you would think LBR is starving by the way he carried on.

LBR has actually put on a LOT of weight this to come as soon as the camera is replaced.

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