Friday, April 23, 2010

April 21, 2010

One Year Ago Today

Cindy called Gary before heading to the stables and asked him to include the German martingale when he tacked up.

Gary arrived before Cindy as usual and had LBR groomed and tacked up. Gary lunged LBR while Cindy changed into riding clothes and relaxed for a bit. He kept the lunging session brief in the round pen (w/t both directions for less than 10 minutes). LBR was very mellow and responsive.

Gary led LBR into the sand arena for Cindy to ride. LBR stood nicely as Cindy mounted him.

Cindy started LBR with some leg aid work at the walk. He was very responsive. Also, LBR set his head perfectly without any bit pressure - the German martingale (used sparingly - only 1 time a week) has a great effect on him.

After warming up at the trot for a while, Cindy started doing ground pole and crossrail work. LBR seems to love this part of the ride. He is now cantering away from cross-rails too (previously it was only the brush box).

Cindy let him canter out and took him around the arena each time at a nice collected canter. She also cantered him on the rail.

LBR is learning so fast....he never missed a lead tonight and seemed to enjoy everything. Cindy ended the ride with a trail ride down to and around the grass arena.

After the ride, LBR (and Cindy) were both pretty sweaty so LBR got a nice rinse, some grooming and relaxing grazing before being returned to his paddock and given treats.

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