Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 20, 2010

Finally...things have dried out enough to ride.

Gary stopped by the stables in the morning to clean LBR up. LBR had done an excellent job of coating himself from the tips (and insides)of his ears to his tail. It took Gary nearly an hour to curry him off.

Cindy met Gary at the stables after work. She had worked a little later than usual and didn't arrive until 6:30 p.m. By that time, Gary had groomed, tacked and was lunging LBR.

There were a lot of riders (some lessons - some just people glad to finally be able to ride) and LBR was excited by all of the activity. Cindy led LBR into the sand arena for their ride and LBR was checking out a new OTTB that was being ridden in the arena.

Cindy had not ridden LBR since last Tuesday and it was obvious. In addition to the newbie in the ring, there were five humans in the center, dogs barking outside the ring and most of the horses in their paddocks were spunky. Based on this and LBR's excitable state (he poo'd twice), Cindy did not ask too much of him. Another new OTTB being in the ring added to the distractions.

Eventually, the humans and OTTB's all left the arena and LBR focused nicely. Cindy worked him quietly using leg aids around the jump standards. They ended on a good note...LBR led perfectly out of the arena to the grooming stall.

Gary & Cindy detacked/groomed LBR before returning him to his paddock for alfalfa treats.

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