Monday, April 26, 2010

April 24, 2010

One Year Ago Today

It's Saturday so after running some errands and stopping by their favorite Taco Stand (Bueno Boys in Manor), Cindy & Gary headed to the stables in the early afternoon.

LBR nearly shed out so rather than ride today, Gary & Cindy declared it "Spa Day" for LBR.

Gary trimmed his whiskers, fetlocks, ears & bridle path. After that LBR got his first shampoo bath for the year. Because the lighting is not all that great in the wash stall, Gary & Cindy bathed him outside. LBR loves being hosed off, but had forgotten that a soapy sponge can't eat a horse. Eventually, Cindy & Gary realized LBR would stand for "sudsing" if Cindy held the lead rope and Gary did the sponging.

After the spa wash, Gary led LBR in the common pastures and let him dry. LBR is as shiny as a new penny:-).

They returned LBR to his paddock just in time for dinner.

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