Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24, 2009

Tonight the weather was a bit questionable for heading to the barn, but because it was early (by about 30 minutes) we headed over.

We haltered LBR in a light mist (he had not realized and had not rolled) and he stood nicely for "basic" grooming of hoof cleaning and brushing.

We headed to the roundpen. We started in the clockwise (bad) direction at the lead with a lot of whoa's and he responded well despite the sprinkles on his back.

We trotted for a short bit in this direction and as the sprinkles turned to rain LBR didn't seem to be fazed (other than skin flinches when the big drops hit). We considered this a huge accomplishment and decided to put LBR back in his paddock with treats.

We're look forward to's Saturday!!!!

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