Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25, 2009

Today, there was a local show where many of LBR's stablemates were competing. We went over mid-day and cheered them on.

After a quick lunch at our favorite BBQ spot, we headed to the stables. LBR had a pleasant surprise for us. He met us at the gate for the first time in more than a week.

We proceeded to the round-pen for quick grooming and started our ground work. The winds today were "gail force" and LBR seemed a bit distracted. We started in the clockwise (unfavored) position and he actually moved out very well at the walk/trot. We switched to the left and he still seemed to be distracted by the wind.

We decided to "challenge" him with something to get his attention.....we put down ground rails. He responded exactly as we wanted - very focused horse. We trotted for a while and he was totally focused and on the rail.

We removed the rails and he cantered BEAUTIFULLY. This is the first time he's cantered without getting the "gelding noise" . He transitioned nicely between all gaits.

We headed to the main barn for grooming and Gary led him a bit in the jump arena. LBR stepped over several low jumps/rails, but actually jumped over the one that had flowers attached.

We attempted the shower/bath stall but due to the wind, missing horses (at the show) and loud behavior of the remaining horses, we settled with grooming in the grooming racks.

LBR had his teeth floated this week so we stayed for his feeding. His teeth soreness seems to be subsiding and he ate his food w/out dropping too much.

Tomorrow, we're planning on a bath outside.

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