Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

Unfortunately (more so for him than us), the vet's wallet was stolen over the weekend and he had to cancel today. He'll be out tomorrow for his rounds.

This was an opportunity for us to get to work LBR tonight. We haltered and headed to the roundpen for some pre-exercise grooming. We worked on the walk/trot/whoa for about 30 minutes (no cantering as the ground was a little uneven ("crunchy") from the weekend rain. LBR is still preferring the "racing"-counterclockwise position, but overall did very well considering it had been four (4) days since our last lunge lesson.

We headed to the stables (w/out noseband) and LBR behaved well. He stood nicely in the grooming stall while we groomed and visited with the stable owner. We asked about Romeo's owner and found out she is the owner....we felt like "goofballs".

LBR got paste wormer tonight. It's obvious that he's had it before because he managed to evade the efforts for a while by putting his head straight up in the air. The stable owner was patient and the entire process took < 1 minute. He made the most hilarious faces afterwards.

LBR's chaffed pasterns are healing nicely and no longer require rinsing - just putting on salve to help the hair grow back faster.

Gary will head to the stables in the morning for the vet check.

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