Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23, 2009

Tonight we got a late start to the stables as a neighbor stopped by as we were leaving to let us know they had killed a 3' rattlesnake on their back porch (6 rattlers).

Gary led from mid-paddock and we skipped any grazing and groomed before heading to the roundpen.

LBR was very well behaved. Gary worked him clockwise (bad) way first at the walk for a long while, trot for a bit and a brief cross-canter. Gary then changed his direction to counterclockwise (favored) and LBR walked/trotted/cantered perfectly with only vocal (word) commands.

LBR really seems to understand what we're asking from him. After about 30 minutes in the roundpen, we headed to the main barn for a thorough grooming. We brushed, combed, cleaned feet, and salved chaffed area on pasterns.

In all our posts we have failed to comment about what we've learned from LBR. Yesterday we realized we've learned something from him. Horses hooves MUST be picked up in proper order...according to LBR who we now realize has a bit of OCD. It's front left, back left, front right, back right....and he'll pick the next one up as soon as you put the previous one down. Do it in different order and you get a horse that leans on you or tries to sit down.

Pick your battle, regardless if we need to do anything to the back hooves, we're sticking to this routine.

Leading back to the paddock was uneventful and we said our good nights around 8:30 p.m.

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