Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 13, 2009

This evening we arrived at the stables after dinner and the horses had all been turned out in their paddocks. LBR didn't come to the gate but haltered easily in the paddock. We groomed and did some round pen work (walk/trot only tonight).

LBR was very calm, but didn't remember whoa as well as he had previously. We lunged for about 30 minutes and during the last 10 minutes he seemed to have finally recalled whoa.

We headed to the main stable (and he walked calmly the entire way on a loose lead) for some more familiarization and grooming in the grooming stalls. We walked up/down the corridor of the stables and groomed for a bit. The owner of the stables was there tonight so we gave him his rounds of vaccinations (West Nile & EEE/WEE). He stood perfectly in the grooming rack and didn't even flinch. He's also on the list for worming this week in rotation with the rest of the stables.

His hooves are getting a bit long/chipped and the farrier comes on Tuesday's so we signed him up for his first trim since we adopted him. Gary is going to meet the farrier in the morning.

We ended the night with some grooming by his paddock and putting on some salve on the chafed pasterns (they're healing nicely and he doesn't seem to be sensitive - can't wait till the hair grows back - it's about the size of a quarter on each pastern that is missing hair and slightly irritated).

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