Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009

Cindy haltered LBR in mid-paddock (how we miss the days when he came to the gate, but he seems to be settled into his new home and unaware of us until we enter the paddock). He led out nicely, stood for the quick brushing and hoof cleaning.

Gary worked him in the round pen and LBR was amazing. After walk/trot/whoa exercise in both directions, we chose to ask for the canter in his favored direction. He only took about 2 trot strides to canter and almost seemed to "smile" as he cantered around calmly.

He transitioned back to the trot easily and even down to the walk w/in 1/2 circle of the 60' round pen.

In his "unfavored" direction, he behaved well but continues to cross-canter....old race horse habits are hard to break.

After about 30 minutes in the roundpen, we headed to the main barn for grooming. Unsure of what to expect (after all, LBR had his teeth floated there yesterday), we had a good experience. There were a lot of riders out tonight (maybe the warm weather brings them out) and he had to stand in a grooming stall next to a "Giant" warmblood. There were 5 horses occupying grooming stalls and he did well.

We led back to the paddock (with a little grazing) and said goodnight.

Once again, we reflected on the way home that we are very lucky to have this horse in our lives.

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