Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 21, 2009

Gary headed to the stables this morning to handle LBR for the vet's visit. LBR had to go into the washing rack to have his teeth floated. There were all kinds of activities at the stables this morning (farrier, people visiting to view/purchase a horse and all the stalled horses were still their stalls).

LBR was a bit excited, but once he received his tranquilizer he was perfectly behaved. The vet said his teeth were in pretty good shape with just a few sharp edges in the back. He also complemented us on LBR's conformation (saying he's built to jump) and health. He thought he could gain another 25-35 lbs. but also considered him to be in what most people would call "show shape".

After the vet was done, Gary carefully led LBR out to graze for a bit to let the sedative wear off (took about 30 minutes). Gary groomed and took LBR through his paddock for a drink of water which LBR was very ready for.

We chose not to go over in the evening because it had been a "big" day for LBR. Training resumes tomorrow.

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