Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 11, 2009

As today is Saturday, we headed over to the stables in mid-afternoon. LBR initially came to the gate but walked away while we were getting the halter. Gary haltered him easily in the middle of the paddock.

We groomed and headed to the round pen. LBR walk/trotted/cantered both directions well (cantered on the correct lead every time:-). We had a bit of rain (sprinkles) and it was feeding time (lots of excited horses in their paddocks) so we chose not to head to the barn for grooming. We brushed and groomed in the roundpen and discovered that the bell boots were causing chaffing on LBR's pasterns.

A nice lady at the stables loaned us some salve and LBR stood well for us while we put it on. We let him graze in the common area for a while. The rain picked up and we put LBR back in his paddock where he was next to be fed.

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