Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29, 2009

We received a some light rain/sprinkles today so did not have expectations of roundpen work when we headed to the stables. LBR had done another "fine" job of rolling - adding to the mud we were unable/willing to get off last night.

The paddock is not too bad, but still moist enough that we opted not to wash him. He greeted us at the gate tonight (I forgot to mention that this good returned yesterday).

We curried some of the mud off briefly and headed to the stables and grooming stalls for more cleaning. LBR did really well in a very active barn. The dogs (all 5-6 of them) were in the stable competing for human attention and there were 4 other horses being groomed inside as well.

We got the worst of the mud off, cleaned hooves and chilled out in the grooming rack. After about an hour of this we decided to head back to the paddock.

LBR initially led out of the barn well, but "froze" and wouldn't move forward. We could sense the tension, but didn't know why.

We found out in about 15 of the borders turned her overly excited horse out to graze and the horse decided that running through the pathways and driveways at a full run (not canter or lope) was a good thing.

We calmed LBR down with pats and encouragement and he moved forward. Whenever the excited horse would make another run around the property (55 acres), we would stop as he neared and let LBR watch.

We ended the night with a little grazing in the common area, led LBR in the paddock (had to put the nose rope on as after all the excitement and he responded nicely).

We ended with alfalfa cube treats and some scratching/rubbing.

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