Monday, April 27, 2009

April 26, 2009

This post is a day later.....

We headed over to the stables around 4:30 with a neighbor in tow knowing that LBR was going to be enjoying dinner.

Our neighbor was gracious in visiting the unknown stables and complemented LBR on his pretty face (poor guy - no wonder he's such the narcissist).

Winds were blowing about 30 mph and LBR was a bit upset about the missing horses (see previous posts about the show).

LBR worked well - but again preferred his "off side" of clockwise. He focused nicely when ground poles were added to his round pen work. We worked nicely at the walk/trot/canter.

We're anxious for his sore teeth to heal so we can introduce a bit to the daily workout....he needs a challenge.

We ended with grooming in the noisy barn and LBR did well...led back to the paddock, enjoyed water and a couple of alfalfa treats.

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