Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009

LBR was at the far end of the paddock and didn't see us walk up. Due to the wind direction, he could not hear our calls. Cindy went into the paddock and once she was about half way down, LBR saw/heard her. She returned to the gate as LBR started walking up. About 1/2 way through the paddock, LBR trotted to the gate.

He continues to amaze us with his progress and we are very fortunate that we experience very few set backs.

Tonight we lunged in the round pen for about 30 minutes and he was perfect. There was a lot of activity in the nearby practice arena and he never got too distracted. We worked on keeping him on the rail in both directions. Although he favors clockwise, he often cuts into one side of the circle. Counter-clockwise he is perfectly in position.

After lunging, we headed to the main barn for more work. Although the dogs came running down the stairs from the caretakers residence, he walked the length outside of the barn well. He grazed for while and one of the "equine eating felines" came by for a visit. He got a bit excited but we think he finally thought it was an odd looking dog and he returned to grazing.

After a bit, Gary led him into the barn and he didn't hesitate. Gary went for round two(2) and LBR didn't hesitate. Gary stopped him at the grooming racks and led LBR in head first. They "squeezed" around and LBR chilled out. Round two was back around the barn, into it, and then backing into the grooming rack. All went PERFECTLY!!!!

Gary ended the barn exercise by leading LBR back down the other way. This is significant because there is a slope/ramp that LBR doesn't mind climbing but has never descended. He walked cautiously, but willingly down the ramp.

Finally, as we exited the barn for the last time, another horse was being led in and LBR "sniffed" but led out nicely.

On the way back to the paddock (approximately 1/4 mile), LBR got to see many horses being schooled, a tractor with large round bales and many people. We think that he was exhausted (though not sweaty or stressed) and just ignored all this activity.

Ended with the usual....groom, lead through the paddock to drink water - and of course one treat of an alfalfa cube.

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