Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7, 2009

Tonight we started with typical grooming and getting ready for the round pen. LBR was well behaved. The "huge" geldings in the 2nd paddock over were replaced by two (2) mares and their March foals. We were curious about what type of behavior that would produce (that paddock is adjacent to the round pen).

LBR worked nicely in his preferred direction (clockwise) for Gary and transitioned nicely from the walk/trot. He seemed to have forgotten the whoa command but eventually remembered.

Cindy entered the round pen and worked him a bit and then the distractions began as the lessons in the main arena ended. The first distraction was the "Giant" white/paint being returned to his paddock....LBR was interested but not disturbed. The second distraction was one of the riders who was cooling down her horse. They circled the round pen and LBR "noticed" but continued to walk/trot on command.

LBR also worked at the walk/trot in the "evil" direction afterwards (counter clockwise....maybe he should have raced in England?...we understand that most of his exercise was likely counter-clockwise which is opposite of the US racing direction).

Due to the quiet nature of the stables and his demeanor tonight, Gary led him to the main stables. We had a HUGE breakthrough....walked "around" the stables and then into the stables from the down-hill side. LBR was a little bit "hot", but really trusts Gary now. The second round was met half-way down the outside by barking/unfamiliar pit-bulls that belong to the caretaker. Gary calmed LBR and the 2nd pass/entry into the barn was uneventful.

We finished the night with the walk back to the paddock and bid LBR goodnight.

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  1. Thank you Cindy for posting these comments.

    Love Gary