Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

We headed over to the stables not knowing what to expect (other than a filthy LBR). The paddock was not as muddy as we expected so we haltered LBR and led him out. His far side was coated in a great layer of mud and his near side was shiny clean...does he have a split personality?

We cleaned his hooves and decided to go back to some work with leading. He really wanted to graze, but eventually gave in and led/whoa'd very nicely. He's starting to pick up on the non-verbal queues and if you think about stopping, he stops on a dime.

We led him over some low jumps in the practice arena and worked on the rail at getting parallel stops.

After about an hour in total (grooming and ground manners), we returned him to his paddock and gave him some treats.

Rain is expected for the next few days so we may be doing lead work this week.

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