Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 18, 2009

We received about 2.5" of rain in the past 36 hours. We decided to make a run to the Elgin General store and check out their horse supplies. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they carried everything a horse owner could need.

We bought a tack tote ( to carry our every growing amount of supplies. We also picked up some tri-care ointment for various nicks/scratches, some Viodine shampoo (to get rid of the "crud" on his back pasterns) and a new general purpose medium brush.

We headed on over to the stables to visit LBR and as expected his paddock was deep in mud and he had made the most of it....covered from hooves to ears. Due to the standing mud/water, we chose to wait until tomorrow to clean him as he would simply be turned out to roll again.

Thanks for the comment Jazette. Please let "dad" know LBR seems very eager to please when we handle him and is also quite content eating his free fed Bermuda hay and hanging out with his buddy "Romeo" (LBR has established a very mild dominance in their pecking order - neither one has a nick/bite/scratch from the other).

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