Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

Today was a big day for LBR. The farrier comes out on Tuesdays and it was time for his first trim. He comes out during the day and the caretaker will handle your horse for him. Gary was available to meet the farrier at 9:00 this morning so we decided (at the suggestion of the stable owner) to have Gary come out for the first trim.

Gary headed to the stables for a little pre-trim lunging (about 10 minutes). LBR was very calm and led nicely to the main barn. The event couldn't have gone better. LBR was awarded "best horse at the stables" today. The farrier said others take up to an hour to trim due to behavior problems. LBR stood well (only moved his foot off the stand a couple of times - never in fear...more in boredom). The farrier was patient and took a break each time to reassure him.

Gary learned a lot about hoof health. LBR has a small spot of fungus in one hoof that we will treat with vinegar and a small crack in another that we will watch (may require shoes on his front). The farrier is going to try and trim him over time to correect the "spread" he has and we'll be on a six (6) week schedule for a while.

LBR was asleep by the time the process was over (less than 30 minutes).

More post regarding tonight's visit to come tomorrow (was just as uneventful).

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