Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009

Tonight was a bit chilly and windy (what else is new?). We planned our activities based around what we would find at the stables (lessons going on, horses fed or not, stable activities, etc.)

When we arrived there were no lessons in the arenas and the stalled horses had been blanketed/turned-out to pasture. This meant that dinner had been server at least 1 1/2 hours earlier.

Due to the cold/breezy weather and our success to date in the round pen, we opted for grooming, lunging in the round pen and then a bit of grazing in the common area. LBR was great for the pre-work grooming and doning of the boots/splints.

Once in the round pen and asked to work, he got a little "hot" but moved forward. We are asking for walk, trot, whoa....but he also gave us canter initially. He calmed down nicely in the 15 minutes Gary worked him but still didn't understand the walk part too well.

Cindy worked him for a while and after a few whoa's and calming "pats" he walked nicely for 10 laps in the round pen. Trotted out nicely....back to the walk and we ended up with some nice grazing time.

Gary led him into his paddock and down to his water trough (part of the routine). Gary takes the halter/lead off and LBR follows him in circles..through walk/whoa's without any physical connection.

We're having a great time and amazed that it's been less than two (2) weeks since he arrived.