Friday, April 17, 2009

April 16, 2009

We understand that LBR's blog is getting a bit monotonous and we couldn't be happier. Tonight LBR met Cindy mid-paddock for haltering. We groomed in common area and then headed to the round pen.

LBR behaved perfectly - free lunging at the walk/trot/canter.

When leading down to the main barn, we have been looping the lead through the halter as a nose-loop. Tonight, we decided to try leading w/out it. It went well (no big surprise).

We groomed in the grooming stall, grazed for a while in the common area and put him back in his paddock for the night.

Much needed rain is called for the next couple of days....we're sure LBR will be self-administering another mud-spa.

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