Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19, 2009

This afternoon (Sunday) we headed to the stables around 14:00. The mud had subsided a bit but LBR wouldn't come through the final bit. He was totally covered in mud as we expected (piglet may be his new name). We haltered w/out incident after meeting him 2/3 of the way up.

We headed to the stables for grooming but LBR was disturbed because the "stalled" horses were not in their paddocks.

He was a bit feisty in his first entry to the grooming stalls. We groomed for a bit and decided that pasture grooming might be best. He grazed nicely and due to his muddy appearance we used an outside hose to rinse him I've never seen a horse so calm with a water hose.

We ended back in the grooming stalls for hoof cleaning and a bit of salve for the chaffing (hair is growing in).

Tomorrow is teeth floating, rabies shots and "bean check" (Gary hates the idea of it being called sheath cleaning)..

We are so fortunate to have LBR in our lives.

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