Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 8, 2009

LBR greeted us at the gate to his paddock as usual. We groomed and headed to the round pen. LBR is learning so quickly. He walked/trotted/whoa'd in both directions. He still favors clockwise and attempted to "reverse" when being worked counter-clockwise a couple of times. We did not 'allow' him and kept him going in the correct direction.

We lunged for about 30 minutes (1/3 trot, 2/3 walk) and had several "distractions" (horses passing by, dogs barking, etc.) without incident.

After lunging, we headed to the main stable. There is a nice grassy area that he likes behind the barn and he showed his stubborn streak when asked to leave. We won that battle, and he was a bit sullen over it. We walked through the stable and stopped for a while at the grooming stalls. LBR never calmed completely, but still stood quietly.

We ended the night with the routine of leading into the paddock and to the other end where LBR as usual drank water.

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  1. Hi Cindy & Gary,
    I love reading your posts about LBR. I am so happy for all! And tickled that LittleBig has a great home and a new career!
    Keep up the good work.