Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009

Tonight Gary & I headed to the stables together. Typical Central TX weather - winds of about 25 mph. We walked LBR around the practice arena and just as we were headed to the jumping arena and the barn, a new horse was turned lose in a nearby paddock.

Though perfectly behaved for the first 30 minutes in the practice arena, LBR became pretty excited and wanted to trot on the lead with Gary. LBR calmed down in the practice arena and we decided tonight's adventure would be to visit/see the round-pen. LBR behaved perfectly and as the farm calmed down we ventured uneventfully to the main arena and barn.

All went well and we continue to be amazed. Led nicely back to his paddock and said "goodnight".

More barn training to continue this week.

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