Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 28, 2010

Today was a training ride for LBR with the trainer/stable owner. Gary headed over in the morning to groom him for his lesson.

The trainer started to ride without lunging, but LBR was "full of it" so she dismounted and lunged him the sand arena. LBR started nicely lunging at the walk and trot. When asked to canter, he was a total goofball (going counterclockwise). He bucked and screamed so loud you would have thought he was being tortured. He actually was just having fun, but it was so comical it made the trainer & Gary laugh. He sped up to race track speed, got airborn on several laps, but NEVER pulled on the lunge line - he stayed in his perfect circle. She then stopped him and changed directions. Clockwise LBR was the perfect horse.

After the lunge, the trainer did some desensitizing work - tossing the lunge line over, around, under, in front of, behind LBR. She required him to stay put - no steps. After about 10 minutes of this LBR fell asleep.

The trainer then rode LBR. She did a lot of work with leg yields which LBR executed perfectly at both the walk and the trot. He crossed over both front and back legs. After doing flat work of walk, trot and canter, she did ground pole and cross-rail work at the trot. LBR trotted over everything perfectly. She then did the same work at the canter and LBR was a star.

After the lesson/ride (1 hour), the trainer commented that it's time to take LBR up to the next level (Cindy wishes here riding was up to that level).

Gary groomed LBR, let him graze for a bit and returned him to his paddock for some much deserved rest.

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