Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

"Y" riding LBR today.

Gary and Cindy headed to the stables around 9:30 a.m. They wanted to meet up with "Y' as Cindy is still not strong enough to ride LBR to his potential.

The stables were "crazy"...2 totally green horses in the arena being ridden when Gary brought LBR up for grooming.

After grooming and tacking, Cindy mounted LBR in the sand arena and then headed to the grass arena for their ride. LBR was a bit distracted by dogs/horses running in paddocks, but did well. "Y" brought her horse in the grass arena and Cindy & "Y' worked through LBR being distracted by him. BP and "Y' headed out of the arena and Cindy kept LBR focused on serpentines and half-halts. LBR didn't realize "Y's" horse was gone until he was about 300 yards away back at the stables.

"Y' rode LBR today too after riding her horse, "BP". Cindy was tired and LBR had all the energy in the world. LBR was distracted by the mower and other horses, "Y" was so patient and worked him through it. They worked on transitions and leg yields and ended on a good note with a trail ride around some common areas.

Gary rinsed LBR while "Y", Cindy and others visited.

Afterwards, Gary led LBR to his paddock. LBR is so upset by a mare in his area that Gary had to work with him for about 15 minutes by the mare "Topsy" before LBR calmed down and behaved.

Gary & Cindy gave him and his neighbors treats and said our goodbyes.

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