Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 22, 2010

Tonight, Cindy met Gary at the barn as she had a drs. appt. and had to make her lesson time. Yes....she's taking a lesson, one week after the fall and still a little sore, but more determinced than ever.

The lesson had three other riders today for a total of four of us in the arena together. LBR did very well on his flat work. The other riders were all experienced and did a good job of staying spaced out. We worked a lot at the trot and transitioning back/forth between the collected and extended trot. Cindy has never done this with LBR and he caught on so fast it was amazing. He was flexible throughout the flat work, did georgous circles and his haults and transitions took no more than 2 steps. WOO HOO!!

They stayed at the trot rather than canter as Cindy is still pretty sore.

After the flat work, LBR did well at on course too. One time, Cindy hesitated and LBR stopped at second jump in a wasn't his fault:-(

The next 2 times, he did that line perfectly - even cantering away the second time beautifully.

After his most-excellent lesson, Cindy cooled him down by walking around the outside of the arena. LBR was so relaxed and happy.

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