Friday, July 30, 2010

July 28, 2010

Cindy is amazingly proud of LBR. After work, she and Gary headed over to the stables for Cindy's lesson. Gary brought LBR up from his paddock while Cindy brought out the tack and supplies from the tack room. Cindy was expecting it to be a small group lesson, but there were four (4) others tacking up too. "A" was riding a three (3) year old OTTB; "M" was riding a nice lesson gelding; "C2" was riding a lesson gelding being retrained from dressage to hunter/jumper; and "C3" was riding a lesson mare.

After grooming and tacking up, Cindy mounted LBR in the sand arena and went to the middle to watch the last few minutes of the private lesson that preceded the group lesson. LBR was intently watching the horse jump 3'6". He seemed to thinking..."I could do that some day".

The lesson started off with ground work. LBR was a bit distracted by some of the dogs who were misbehaving (entering the edges of the arena, barking, running around). Someone finally put them in their fenced in area and LBR settled. They did walk and trot with the big group and then cantered in a group of 2 with "A" and the OTTB. LBR missed his lead both directions on the first try, but got it on the second try. Cindy was so proud...he was the calmest cantering horse out of the five. This was especially settling as this was Cindy's first canter since the fall two(2) weeks ago.

After the canter work, the group did some ground pole exercises. They then proceeded to course work. LBR was perfect - squaring up to the center of each jump/cross-rail and taking them smoothly.

After the ride, Gary rinsed LBR off (he wasn't too sweaty as it was only 85F degrees). They then took him back towards his paddock for a little grazing and then treats.

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