Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 21, 2010

The trainer gave LBR a training ride this morning and according to Gary AND the trainer, LBR was GREAT!

Gary lunged him briefly before the ride. She worked him on the flat at the walk,trot and canter. After the flat work, she trotted some cross-rails, the brush-box and the stable-name jump. She then took him over the rollie-pollie with flowers on top for the first time. They trotted over it the first try and on the second try she had him jump and canter away. This jump is about 2' high with about a 2' spread. She cantered him around and back over the stable-name jump.

They ended with some walking to cool down. Gary then rinsed LBR off before taking him to his paddock. Gary took LBR's neighbor out of his paddock for some ground work and a bath. "Double Intrigue" is a recently retired 10 year old OTTB who won nearly $150,000. He is really cute and very attached to LBR, Gary & Cindy. Gary rinsed him off and then worked in the round pen a bit before returning him back to his paddock. LBR seemed to be a little upset/jealous.

In the evening, Gary & Cindy headed back to the stables to give LBR his Powerpac - day 3. LBR knew something was up as they took the halter down to the paddock and gave them medicine there rather than bring him up the 1/4 of a mile to the grooming stalls. It wasn't too hard (he raised his head a few times) to give.

After the medicine, they took LBR out and let him graze for a while before heading home for the night.

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