Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010

Today, "A" rode LBR. The hope is she will get enough rides in to be able to show him in Mid-August.

Gary & Cindy headed over to the stables to groom/prep LBR. He was still eating his alfalfa when Gary arrived at this paddock. LBR didn't mind though, so Gary led him to his water trough for a drink before bringing him up to the stables for grooming.

Gary & "A" groomed and tacked LBR up. "A" started LBR with a walk around the arena before starting his trot work. There was another very-green, very-excited horse being ridden in the sand arena too. Amazingly, LBR did not seem to feed off of this. Part of this is "A" & the other rider are really good riders and did a good job of keeping the spacing.

"A" cantered LBR and he did well. She did serveral circles, did some half-arena crosses and did a lot of transitions.

After the flat work, "A" did courses with LBR. Cindy is SO JEALOUS. She cantered him over courses with 3-4 jumps (crossrails, gates, oxer, etc..) and he even did lead changes over fences for her. Cindy will get there....just a bit sad that she can't ride that well (YET).

After their ride, "A" dismounted LBR and walked him around the perimeter of the arena to cool him off. Gary & Cindy felt sorry for's hot in Central, TX. They usually ride him around and on trails/into paddocks to cool him off. It was nice to see her bond with him. He walked in a very relaxed manner and never got pushy about wanting the bridle off.

After the cooling walk, "A" & Gary took off his tack and visited/chatted while "A' rinsed LBR off.

The day/morning ended with Gary & Cindy leading LBR back towards his paddock for grooming and a couple of pepermints (he lifted his head from his remaining alfalfa to enjoy the mints).

On the way home from the stables, Gary & Cindy stopped at a local Cafe for lunch. Sorry my vegetarian friends, but sometimes a tasty cheeseburger hits the spot.

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