Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

Gary headed over in the morning to meet "A" who rode LBR today.

The ride started off very nicely. LBR was responsive and "A" worked him on transitions and flexing. Then the excitement happened.

The barn owner was loading up some horses to go to the vet. All of the sudden, a mare that was loose grazing in the common area started going "crazy" and galloping around. "A" stopped LBR as he was getting agitated. Gary walked towards him to help calm him down when all of the sudden the mare ran into the arena full speed. LBR was so shocked by it that he didn't react. Next, the mare took off out of the arena, ran around the truck/trailer twice and then loaded into the trailer.

The barn owner was bringing up another horse to take to the vet and missed all of the excitement. Gary helped her and one of the staff unload the "crazy" mare.

Once the correct horses were loaded and headed out, "A" continued her ride. LBR calmed down nicely and they worked on walk/trots/canters and a few courses over cross-rails. After the ride, "A" cooled LBR off with a trail ride around the outside of the arena. She took groomed/rinsed LBR off before Gary returned to him to his paddock for some grazing and lots of treats.

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