Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Today made Gary's heart sink.

Cindy & Gary had forgotten to take LBR's "Weight Builder" supplement to the stables yesterday so Gary decided to take it over during his daily routine.

When he drove up the entrance of the stables, he didn't see LBR in his paddock. He parked the truck and put up the supplements and then headed down to LBR's paddock for a visit. As he approached LBR's paddock, he still didn't see him...ah oh.

Finally, as he opened the gate to the paddock, he saw LBR laying next to his round bale of hay. LBR was not moving. He approached and quietly said "LBR are you okay?". LBR didn't move. He said it louder and LBR blinked at him as if coming out of a dream. Finally, he said "LBR, it's not a dream" and LBR nickered and stood up.

Gary gave LBR a bite of carrot and they walked to the trough for a drink of water.

This was the first time in 1 1/2 years that either Cindy or Gary have seen him sleeping on the ground.

The stable owner said that he usually sleeps around noon each day by his hay. Cindy and Gary have never gone over at noon during the heat of the summer.

It was 105F degrees today....argh.

BTW...Cindy is so jealous - I guess you can tell who writes this blog. One day, maybe one day, she'll see LBR asleep in the hay.

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