Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 28, 2010's Saturday and it's LBR's first trail ride.

Gary & Cindy headed over to borrow their friends trailer at 7:00 a.m. and picked LBR up at the stables around 7:45 a.m. LBR walked into the trailer without hesitating - YEAH LBR!!!

They made the short 15 minute drive over to the friends property for the ride. LBR was a bit excited by the four horses she has, but not too bad. Cindy and Gary gave him his breakfast and he calmed down nicely. Gary tacked up LBR while Cindy tacked up one of the friends mares.

The property has a lunge pen and a half-size dressage arena. Two other people brought their horses in for the ride as well.

Everyone warmed up in the arena and let the horses get to know each other. Around 9:30 a.m., we all headed out. There were six(6) horses total, 3 mares and 3 geldings. Three (3) of them (including LBR) were "green OTTB's".

The ride started around the perimeter of a 60 acre pasture. LBR was a little upset that one horse (Barney) was being left behind, but he calmed down once he was out of site (and sound).

The ride continued up some hills and then into a shaded tree lined area. LBR had a little trouble/fear at the first low water crossing that required navigating a sloped piece of concrete. Gary dismounted and led him across a few times to calm him down.

The ride continued through a gate and along more tree lined trails. Once LBR was up front with another OTTB gelding, he calmed down nicely.

The next low water crossing was a true bridge with flowing water underneath it. LBR crossed without a problem. The trail ride continued away from the stables for another 20 minutes before they all turned around and headed back.

LBR was an amazing trail horse. He never tried to trot up or down slopes, didn't mind the cows moo-ing, wasn't fazed by a herd of horses in adjoining pasture that ran up to see us all (every other horse was freaked).

The ride ended with a leisurely stroll back through the pasture. LBR was walking happily on a loose rein with his head/next relaxed

After the ride, Gary rinsed off LBR while Cindy rinsed her mount off in the wash rack.

Gary let LBR finish his breakfast before loading him back for the drive home. LBR again led Gary into the cute.

When they arrived back at LBR's stables, he was calling to all his friends..."I'm a trail horse. I saw cows. I was charged by wild horses". LBR led nicely back to his paddock and enjoyed his alfalfa flake in his shelter.

Cindy and Gary returned the trailer and got home around 3:30 p.m.

What a wonderful, uneventful, long day!!!

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  1. so great!! I think OTTB's really enjoy a trail's so relaxing! :)