Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 12, 2010

It's the big day. LBR's first 3 day show. 'A' rode LBR as usual in the morning. They had a great ride.

Gary headed back over to the stables around 2:00 p.m. to help load horses. The stables took ten (10) horses so it took two (2) trips with the truck/trailer. LBR was loaded with the first group. He stopped at the ramp and the trainer said "Get in the trailer". He walked right up the rant and into his slot.

Gary unloaded him at the show grounds (about 15 minute drive from the stables) and LBR settled in nicely. Gary stayed at the showgrounds and waited for the next group to be hauled in. LBR fell asleep and relaxed nicely through the afternoon.

Cindy headed to the showgrounds after getting off of work. When she arrived, Gary was lunging LBR in a grassy area.

Cindy changed quickly into barn clothes and met Gary near the outdoor arena. Gary led LBR into the arena to let him get used to the new place. LBR calmed down very quickly - after 1 time around the arena. The trainer had schooled other riders/horses earlier in the afternoon and taking a break. Gary started leading LBR over the low jumps and cross-rails. Gary would say whoa to LBR, step over the jump and then tell LBR "jump" and he would jump over. It was so cute that people were stopping by the arean to watch it. Some asked "Why is he doing that?" Some asked "How did he train him to do that?". I just smiled and said this is part of his training - ground work trust building.

'A' arrived and schooled LBR on the flat with Gary as the trainer was not back yet. LBR did very well. He walked/trotted/cantered calmly eventhough there were demon ponies and other horses in the ring. The trainer arrived and adjusted the jumps to 18". LBR did patterns at that height perfecctly. The trainer then adjusted the jumps to 2'3" and LBR had a blast.

The original plan for this show was to enter LBR in a couple of flat classes. However, due to his great attitude and performance, that plan was changed. LBR was entered in the "Futures" classes for tomorrow (2'3").

Gary & Cindy headed home around 8:30 p.m. after giving LBR some treatss and saying "goodnight".

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