Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 16, 2010

Cindy and Gary headed over to the stables after Cindy got home from work. There were storms in the area and it had rained breifly at the barn. This provided a nice break from the 100F+ degree temperatures. It was 88 when they arrived at the barn.

Gary brought LBR up from the paddock and Cindy staged tack and grooming supplies as usual.

As they groomed and tacked LBR another storm blew by in the distance and the winds whipped up. LBR was calm and quiet in the grooming stall.

Cindy mounted LBR for a ride in the sand arena. About 5 minutes into the ride, it started raining/sprinkling. LBR ignored the rain drops and seemed to enjoy the cool weather. It only rained for about 5 minutes so they continued their ride.

Cindy worked him on walk/trot transitions and cantered him as well. They had a great ride.

Gary rinsed LBR after the ride and they took him back to his paddock for treats.

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