Friday, June 19, 2009

June 17, 2009

Cindy headed down to the paddock and haltered/led LBR back to the grooming stall. We bought a new d-ring snaffle for LBR and half-chaps for Cindy.

Cindy rode in the jumping arena and LBR was very aloof. She trotted him quite a bit tonight (loving the half-chaps for grip and stability). LBR leaned on the new bit a lot...we're hoping that it's just the newness - not a sign of a bad habit.

After riding, LBR was treated with carrots in the grooming stall and became "obsessed". Every moving person/dog/cat in the barn must have carrots according to LBR.

We led LBR back to his paddock and noticed he's not eating much of the last bit of round-bale hay that is left. Hopefully, they will give him a new bale soon.

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