Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 3, 2009

Tonight the trainer at the stables rode LBR. She taught us some ground training flexing techniques that will help LBR become softer on the bit.

Standing next to him, she pulled down on one rain and said "head down" took him about 5 minutes to flex/relax when she first started. She also had him turn on his haunches (crossing over front legs) from the ground. She worked both directions with these exercises before mounting.

She then rode LBR in the main arena. She did some walk trot and a lot of whoa's. She recommended a few things: 1) More work on the whoa's with heavy seat queues (like bracing for a stop at the canter) 2) Turning on the haunches (even if it's just one step). 3) Backing - new concept for LBR under saddle and 3) Flexion work from both the ground and saddle. 4) Be consistent and keep his focus (he's easily distracted).

We have plenty to work on for a few weeks:-)

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