Friday, June 19, 2009

June 18,2009

Cindy went to the paddock to halter LBR for grooming/riding. He whinnied at her when he saw here coming and trotted to the gate (so sweet).

Due to lessons in the main arena, we headed to the round pen after grooming/tacking up. LBR was very focused and responsive to the bit. Cindy walked mostly with a few attempts at trotting (the round pen is only 60' across and LBR doesn't like to trot w/ a rider in there).

Because LBR was so responsive, Cindy decided to ride him in the large grass arena. Not knowing what to expect, she used half of the arena initially. LBR was amazingly focused, responsive and seemed happy so Cindy rode him around the entire area.

Cindy would rate tonight as one of the best rides - especially since it was in new territory.

After riding, we groomed and then Gary led LBR into the wash rack. LBR "froze" initially so Gary put the lead rope over his nose (not even all the way) and LBR walked right in and turned and stood. It's funny how that gives him the security/confidence to behave.

We ended the night with treats in the paddock and "redistribution" of the remaining stale hay.

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