Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 26, 2009

Gary headed to the stables in the morning aniticipating another good ride. LBR met him at the gate and they headed to the stables for grooming/saddling.

LBR was chewing excessively on the bit and very distracted. Gary adjusted the bridle one notch higher in an attempt to stop this behavior and headed to the main arena. Unfortunately, LBR continued being aloof, stubborn and chewing on the bit. At one point, LBR bucked (i.e. kicked out with his back feet).

This was the first time Gary has experienced this behavior and he reprimanded LBR with a stern voice and slap on the shoulder.

LBR then behaved perfectly and walked/whoa'd and turned with ease.

After the ride, Gary sponged LBR down and then led him back to/through his paddock. We are going to start adding alfalfa to LBR's feed starting July 1 to see if we can get the last 50 lbs. back on him.

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