Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009

Today is LBR's 3 month anniversary in his new home.

Due to the heat (and okay - a little bit due to the final game of the NCAA Baseball World Series), Gary decided to go over and visit/work LBR in the morning when Cindy headed to work.

When Gary arrived, LBR was drinking water at the far end of the paddock. After a few minutes, Gary called to him and LBR came to the gate.

Gary groomed/tacked LBR and headed to the main arena. LBR is starting to develop a personality (ah oh). Gary led him to the mounting blocks and as he stepped up, LBR "nipped" Gary on the butt. Gary's red-headed temper met LBR for the first time as Gary slapped him on the shoulder. Gary re-squared LBR to the mounting blocks and got the lesson underway.

LBR was GREAT!!!! Although he seems to chew on the bit before being ridden, he didn't lean/chew/pulll at all during the 45 minute ride. Gary worked him at the walk (no bouncies i.e. trot) in the imaginary half arena as well as throughout the arena. The "whoa's" were great and they walked over, around and through the jump obstacles. Gary backed him a few times too.

After the ride, it was bath time and about 95 degrees. Gary de-tacked LBR and groomed him a bit. He then left LBR cross-tied while he prepared the hose, bucket, shampoo for the bath. This is the first time LBR has been cross-tied alone and he behaved.

Gary bathed (soaped), rinsed, and towel dried LBR and then turned him loose in the common area for grazing. This was LBR's first time not being led while grazing. He wandered into an empty/open paddock and Gary "panicked" that he would roll as he was so clean and almost dry. Luckily, LBR was more interested in the new "smells" than rolling.

Gary caught LBR (no issues) and led him back to the paddock for treats (LBR wouldn't eat carrots though - must think it's watermelon).

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