Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 22, 2009

We ate dinner before heading to the stables at 7:30 (still 100 degrees). Cindy got out of the truck with the halter to walk to LBR's paddock near the stable entrance because it's a shorter walk. LBR heard Cindy call and headed to the gate to meet her. Unfortunately, she entered from the other end of the paddock and LBR was so confused. He finally realized she was in the paddock and turned around and trotted to her with loud whinnies.

LBR was very distracted on the way to the grooming stall....prancing around. Once in the stall, we treated him with watermelon which he ate for the first time. We groomed and tacked and led to the main arena. Due to LBR's aloofness, Cindy decided to head to the round pen.

Though distracted, LBR did well in the round pen. His whoa's were nearly rein-less tonight.

After riding, we detacked, groomed and then went back to the paddock for water and treats. It was dark by the time we were through.

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