Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 30, 2010 truer words have been spoken than these this week.

LBR was scheduled for a 6:00 training lesson. Cindy headed straight over to the stables after work to meet Gary. This was the first lesson Cindy has had the chance to observe.

It was 92F degrees today in central Austin and about 90% humidity. LBR was in a mellow mood so the trainer didn't lunge him.

They had a great lesson and she has moved him "up" to cantering some cross-rails and low jumps. She rode for the full hour and LBR did well - only requiring half-halts a few times.

She taught Cindy how to teach LBR to "give" to the bit...he can be stubborn, but is figuring it out.

After the lesson, Gary rinsed LBR off (LBR went into a trance as the cool water felt so good). Afterwards, Cindy & Gary led LBR to his paddock for the night. (group lesson for Cindy & LBR tomorrow).

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