Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 29, 2010

Gary and Cindy headed to the stables mid-morning for a ride. It's really hot in Central Texas so when they arrived there were only 3 other boarders at the stables. Originally, a trail ride was scheduled for today but it had to be cancelled due to the owners minor injuries.

Gary brought LBR up from his paddock while Cindy put the tack and grooming items in the grooming stall.

LBR was very mellow. Cindy rode LBR in the sand arena at the walk trot and did some cross rail work.

LBR was much more settled and consistent than he was the night before. He really does better when he's worked a few days in a row.

After the ride, they rinsed LBR off, let him graze in the common area for a while and then returned him to his paddock for treats. He has made good friends with his paddock neighbors: 1) Double Intrigue - an OTTB 10 year old owned by the stable owners and up for sale, and; 2) Jackson - a quarter/grade? rescue who is recovering from being about 300 lbs. underweight (he's put about 150 on in the last 2 months).

Cindy and Gary then headed out for a bite to eat and a trip to the general store. They are taking him to the LOPE show next weekend and needed buckets for his stall.

Cindy will be showing him in a ground poles class (walk) and a cross poles class while Gary will be showing him in Gelding Halter and Halter/Lead trail classes.

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