Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 8, 2010

Walking The Grounds

Schooling Ride

LBR Is At A Show

It's Saturday and Gary & Cindy left the house at 6:00 a.m. to help load up the horses for the Schooling Show.

Gary headed to LBR's paddock in the dark to bring him up and Cindy loaded their Tahoe with the tack trunk, saddle, bridle, treats and LBR's breakfast chops (the last show he skipped breakfast).

They helped the stable owner/trainer load up the horses (LBR loaded great). Four horses went to the show (listed in loading order in the trailer)
1) Brownie - the stable owner/trainer's hunter;
2) Solan - a three year old Belgium/thoroughbred;
3) LBR - star of this blog; and
4) Stormy - an Arabian "pony" with some show experience.

The drive to the show grounds took about an hour and things were very organized when they arrived. The owners of Solan & Stormy arrived at the same time as the horses.

A cold front had arrived overnight so we had winds out of the northwest at about 20 mph. The temperature dropped from about 70F degrees at 6:00 a.m. to around 60F at 8:00 a.m. Many of the people at the show were not prepared as we've been having 90F degree afternoons all week.

Hay nets were tied up high on the trailer and horses were unloaded and tied as well. LBR took all of this in stride and enjoyed the fresh bermuda hay. Cindy helped others with filling up water buckets and everyone settled in.

Brownie & Stormy were being shown in the 2' hunter classes while LBR & Solan were there for the "experience" and possible schooling rides.

Solan did some schooling with his owner while Brownie & Stormy warmed up for their classes. Gary & Cindy put LBR's saddle and bridle on and Gary tried to lunge him. He was a bit insecure so Gary led LBR around the property and down by the arena to get him accustomed to the event. Gary then detacked LBR and tied him back up to the trailer/hay.

Gary & Cindy were able to watch Brownie & Stormy in their classes as LBR & Solan stood nicely tied to the trailer.

Brownie won 3rd & 4th in his hunter classes and Brownie won 1st & Stormy 2nd in their flat class.

After the classes were done, our trainer did a schooling ride on LBR and he was FABULOUS...PERFECT...HAPPY!!!

The day ended with LBR a little hesitant to load (took < 2 minutes), a drive back to the stables, and grooming. LBR's neighbor whinnied as Gary & Cindy took LBR back to his paddock.

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